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    Cameron & Janet

  • Bonfield on film...

    This month, we feature in both House & Garden and Homes & Antiques magazines (July issues). There's also a short film about our process and inspirations...  

  • Dream commissssion...

    My brother, Ben, is a charcoal burner. During the summer months he can be found at his woodland camp in West Dorset, happily carbonising timber - or, in layman's terms, making charcoal. He supplies local farm shops with the stuff (for barbecues) as well as doing the Bridport street market. He asked me to design a new motif for his charcoal bags - luckily, I had a bit of appropriate folklore to hand... Back in the 19th Century, the adder, our only venomous snake, was a common sight in the woods of England. The charcoal burners of the era believed it to be a powerful charm or talisman, and some even kept the snake as a 'pet'. These shy and increasingly rare reptiles have fascinated me ever since I was a boy, so what better way to celebrate Ben's charcoal burning enterprise than with Vipera berus. Below, is a shot of the carved and inked block, ready to strike!
    Adder logo for charcoal burner by Cameron Short at Bonfield Block-Printers
  • Delightful David

    Just spent a wonderful day with multi-talented David Squirrell - book-binder, musician, tree-man, sailor and printmaker - on our first block-printing workshop of the year. Not only did he design beautifully, transfer efficiently, carve dextrously, ink carefully and print like a pro in one day, but he also polished off a large plate of veggie curry in just 20 minutes whilst being bombarded with questions from me... Wow.
  • The White Pheasant


    Yesterday, Jan and I spent an exciting afternoon printing the first of our greetings cards - 'The White Pheasant'. Despite his flamboyant appearance, he's a shy chap who only shows himself occasionally when we're out walking. When we do see him, he's more often than not spuddling beneath a twisted hawthorn. What a sight it'll make in spring - his white plumage in perfect harmony with the tree's blossom.

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