Linen lampshades & light shades

Our beautifully-crafted linen lampshades and light shades are available to buy ‘off the shelf’ - a selection of which you’ll see below - or as bespoke items, made to order in pretty much any size or shape you choose. They come in two distinct collections:

Our block-printed linen shades generally come in tapered or drum styles (though, as mentioned before, they can be made to order in virtually any size or shape). The textile - a high quality linen - is block-printed by us, the artists, in our Dorset workshop (in much the same way we print our cushion covers). Once the fabric has been printed, cured (dried) and fixed, it is sent to a shade craftsman based locally where it is cut to size and skilfully transformed into a professionally-made, hand-rolled lamp or light shade.

At present, the block-printed collection features five of our most popular designs: 'Varx', 'Nightjars', 'Bloodlines', 'Ship in a Battle' and 'Lyme Bay'. All these designs are available in a beautiful, muted palette - colour-ways include ‘Blue grey’, Carbon black’, ‘Elizabethan ochre’, ‘Midnight blue’ and ‘Venetian red’.

Each block-printed lampshade or light shade is unique - although shades may be of the same dimensions and shape, and feature the same design, the nature of block-printing means no two will be identical. 

Commercially hand screen-printed

Our commercially hand screen-printed linen shades are also available in the popular tapered or drum styles. However, they too can be made to order in any shape or size. These lamp and light shades are the fruit of a collaboration with a London-based company, specialists in screen-printing by hand. Having our patterns reproduced allows us to play with scale; by enlarging a design, we can dramatise the beauty and character of the artist's mark-making.

At present, our hand screen-printed linen shades are available in the following designs: ‘Bloodlines’ (in ‘Elizabethan ochre’ or ‘Venetian red’), ‘Lyme Bay’ (in ‘Blue grey’) and ‘Ode to the Ash’ (in ‘Blue grey’ or ‘Midnight blue’).

All our lampshades and light shades have a universal fitting, and are backed using a flame retardant material. If you choose to purchase one, please use an energy saving eco bulb if possible!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

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