Block-printed furniture

Our passion for creating block-printed fabric has led to us having pieces of furniture upholstered in our designs - from small nursing chairs to large Chesterfields. For some time, we've been collaborating with Amanda Luddington, a very talented local upholsterer who is equally passionate about her craft.

Having sourced a piece, it's often surprisingly easy deciding which fabric design and colour-way best suit - the style and age of the furniture dictate it.

While we block-print the required amount of fabric in our Bonfield workshop - we generally use natural, high quality linens - our upholsterer preps the piece in her studio, working in the traditional way. Natural materials including French horsehair, calico and metal tacks are always used; never modern, synthetic ones.

Once the block-printed textile is fixed and ironed, it is delivered to our upholsterer for her to finish the piece.

We add to the collection on a fairly regular basis, and all our one-off pieces can be viewed at our West Dorset workshop.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

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