Block-printed cushions

All our cushions are block-printed by us, the artists, here in the Bonfield workshop. Central to the whole operation is our trusty 1904 proofing press. The process is intensive but we feel the results are worth it.
Each block-printed cushion is unique, and we say this with conviction! Although cushions may be of the same dimensions and shape, and feature the same design, the nature of block-printing means no two will be identical. In terms of colour-ways, we stick to our muted palette of Blue grey, Carbon black, Elizabethan ochre, Midnight blue and Venetian red. Please note that all our designs are available to order in any of these colour-ways.
We print predominantly on a high quality, tightly-woven natural linen.
How they're made
The chosen fabric is washed before printing (to allow for shrinkage and to remove any sizing) and then ironed. Once this is done, it is laid on the bed of the press to await the inked block. Linseed-based relief ink is mixed by hand to the desired colour before being applied to the block (using an artist's hand-roller). The inked block is then carefully placed face-down onto the fabric, before the press's heavy cylinder roller is passed over it. The block is gently removed to reveal the design on the fabric.
The printed textile is taken away to cure (dry); it's then whisked up to our sewing room to be cut to size and transformed into a charming cushion cover. Most of our cushions are backed in our natural linen, before a block-printed maker's label is finally sewn on.
Care instructions
Being block-printed, the cushions should be used with relative care. The feather-filled pad is easily removed so the cover can be washed. We recommend gentle hand-washing in lukewarm water using a small amount of silk/wool laundry liquid. The block-printed cover can be ironed on a warm setting, with muslin between the iron and cover.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

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