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We are Cameron Short & Janet Tristram, artist craftsmen, and we're delighted to bring you 'Bonfield Block-Printers'.
Home is a crooked Georgian house, complete with its own workshop, in a corner of West Dorset, England. Surrounded by woods, ancient hill forts and ramshackle farms, and with Lyme Bay not far away, we find inspiration in every direction.
Bonfield’s work is rooted in our love of both the countryside and sea, rural life - its rhythms and traditional skills - and the folklore of trees, plants and animals. It is often created in repeat, and has a strong narrative element.
Our practice is labour-intensive: everything takes time. We celebrate slowness. In an age obsessed with speed, we are something of an anomaly, but regard this as our strength. Realising something at a slower pace, more organically, enables an artist to make adjustments or even change the direction of travel should a better idea reveal itself - resulting in more luminous work.
The Bonfield workshop is the old Thorncombe village stores, still with its handsome original frontage and timber-lined interior. It contains our trusty hand-cranked press, now an antique, built in 1904.
Currently, we are open by appointment only. So, if you’d like to view our work - exceptional chairs, artisanal coats, one-of-a-kind bags, hand-printed linens, cushions or anything else, please email workshop@bonfieldblockprinters.com or phone (01460 30268) in advance.

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