Bonfield Block-Printers welcomes private commissions. In a world of ubiquitous digitally-created imagery, there is something beautiful, real and timeless in a printed image born of a carved block.
The commissioning process starts with a good, old-fashioned conversation. Having immersed ourselves in the brief, we then produce drawings. These are shared with the client, and upon approval, are committed to a linoleum block for carving and printing. The final work can be supplied as original hard copies and/or digital files.
So, whether your requirement is big - an ad campaign, a packaging brief or an illustrated book - or small - an Ex Libris or a logo design - we'd be delighted to discuss things with you. Rest assured we have experience delivering to tight deadlines!

Please contact us via email or telephone.


Logo commission for Wraxall Yard, West Dorset, 2020 (inked block and block print shown)


Logo commission for ‘Kit & Kee’ - meaning ‘Buzzard & Cow’ in old Devon dialect. Can you spot
the buzzard? The Devon-based company specialises in events catering. Logo created in 
2019 (inked block shown)

Logo commission for Gilt & Flint, organic press and brewhouse, 2019 (inked block shown)

Logo commission for Gilt & Flint, organic press and brewhouse in Devon, 2019 (inked block shown)


Exmoor Forest Farms logo

            Logo commission for Exmoor Forest Farms, Simonsbath, 2017 (inked block shown)                                                    




 Apple Juice motif for Haye Farm, Devon, 2017



Logo commission for Haye Farm, Devon, 2017


                       Logo commission (inked block shown) for                                                                  Ben Short - Charcoal Burner - Dorset, 2017



Bespoke cushion commission for Dulux, 2017 


Artist Cameron Short of Bonfield Block-Printers, at work on a block.
Illustration commission for 'The New Craftsmen', London, 2015

Cameron Short's 'Ode to the Ash' for
Cameron Short's 'Ode to the Ash' for, 2013 

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