‘The Poacher’ - a cameo

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‘The Poacher’ - a cameo
  • £365.00

Introducing the Poacher from ‘Shades of the Countryside’, a work which hints at both the multitudinous tones of the rural landscape and, more interestingly, at the traces of lives once lived in its nooks and corners.

His cameo looms over a favourite haunt - the copse and the small lake beside it. This dab hand at capturing ‘one for the pot’ - be it fur, feather or scales - is regarded by few as an actual criminal, more a rural anti-hero. Again, the very nature of a cameo - a silhouetted face - is rather apposite for the poacher, whose work is done under cover of darkness.

This cameo, drawn by Cameron Short and reproduced by master printers, floats within a simple wooden box frame, stained grey. The print’s graphite tones have a hint of mauve; this is echoed in the pigment chosen for the frame’s interior. The print sits behind UV resistant, non-reflective glass. Its dimensions are - Width: 40.5cm Height: 41.5cm Depth: 3cm

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