‘Shades of the Countryside’ - framed quartet I

Bonfield Block-Printers

‘Shades of the Countryside’ - framed quartet I
  • £995.00
Shades of the Countryside’ - framed quartet I - features the charcoal burner, the ‘one for the pot’ poacher, the mower (scyther) and the wise-woman. All are depicted as cameo-style silhouettes, ironically the preserve of the wealthy or titled, overlaying their own realm within an expansive landscape of woods, meadows, scrub and bog. A breeze, used expertly by a hovering kestrel, ruffles all the pillars of the landscape - ash, beech, elm and oak - and they themselves cast long shadows. ‘Shades’ hints at both the multitudinous tones of the countryside and, more interestingly, at those traces of lives once lived in its nooks and corners. The artist’s (Cameron Short) original drawing, reproduced by master printers, exudes magnificent detail and softness. Expertly mounted and finished in a beautiful stained grey moulding, it sits behind UV resistant, non-reflective glass and is signed. The dimensions of the framed print are - Width: 79cm Height: 79cm Depth: 3cm

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