Remnant Three - ‘Talisman’

Bonfield Block-Printers

Remnant Three - ‘Talisman’
  • £360.00
The story of Digory’s rebus talisman - lost on a lonely Cornish road - is a poignant one. The inscription on it reads: ‘FEAR NOT, MY SON’, and was created by an illiterate or semi-illiterate parent in an effort to embolden the young man. Perhaps he was in a hazardous occupation - a tin miner or fisherman - and it was felt the talisman would offer apotropaic protection? Perhaps he was one of the Cornish diaspora, off to seek work far from home, or a victim of impressment? Given the nature of the imagery, perhaps his fate was darker still - was he going to the gallows? Whatever perils awaited Digory, the beauty and power of this talisman would have given him strength. It’s no wonder he wept at its loss.

Part of our ‘Lost Series’ of narrative prints, words and image are block-printed on a laundered, patched and darned C19th hemp sack. Made to Order.

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