Remnant Four - ‘Thimble’

Bonfield Block-Printers

Remnant Four - ‘Thimble’
  • £360.00
This block print tells the story of Beulah’s thimble, lost on Romney Marsh in 1880. And she rued its loss, possibly, for good reason. In and around the C19th, thimbles weren’t always used to protect the finger from a needle wound. Amongst poorer families, they were occasionally converted into wedding rings - the rim was cut off and filed down before being given in marriage. So, it’s possible that poor Beulah may not have lost just a thimble. If that was the case, to lose something so sacred, the thing that was to tie her in holy matrimony, would have been inauspicious. For a girl whose name means ‘bride’ or ‘married’, such a mischance could indeed make the heart bleed.

Part of our ‘Lost Series’ of narrative prints, words and image are block-printed on a laundered, patched and darned C19th hemp sack. Made to Order.

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