‘Lost Bag’ VIII of X

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‘Lost Bag’ VIII of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ VIII of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ VIII of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ VIII of X
  • £1,100.00
This two-tone bag is made from sturdy, antique French hemp - circa C19th. Its front panel and sides have been hand-dyed using persimmon tannin - a traditional Japanese dyeing process called ‘Kakishibu’ - transforming them into a rich brown. 
On the front, in black, is a block-printed image and text. The image shows Mary Venn’s lost scrimshawed whalebone comb, whilst the words read: 1771, much sorrow & vexation’. A primitive plant motif, again block-printed, acts as a decorative border. On the reverse is more block-printed text. The words, in black, sit on a large patch and contrast with the paler, undyed natural ground. They read: ‘lost by Mary Venn in Fields about Ely’.
The bag is lined in red and black striped Irish linen. The story of Mary’s lost comb, hand-written by the artist on a piece of pale blue shot silk, is hand-sewn into the bag.
The piece comes with a heavy, antiqued brass zip closure.
The bag’s long, antique leather strap - repurposed from equestrian tack - is adjustable, enabling the bag to be worn on the shoulder or across the body. The original antique brass oval buckle and sculpted leather housing complete the arrangement. Leatherwork was sourced, restored and expertly hand-stitched using waxed linen thread by the wonderful Caroline Strecker @ragofcolts.
Finally, for protection and to give the desired sculptural feel, the bag was gently brushed with traditional rabbit skin glue.
Dimensions: Height - 43cm, Length - 49cm, Depth - 6cm
Artists - Cameron Short & Janet Tristram in collaboration with leatherworker, Caroline Strecker.
The ‘Lost Bags’ - keep your treasures safe.

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