‘Lost Bag’ IX of X

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‘Lost Bag’ IX of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ IX of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ IX of X
  • ‘Lost Bag’ IX of X
  • £850.00
This large bag, originating from a C19th grain sack, is extremely durable. Its front and back, cut from tightly woven hemp, is beautifully textured.
On the bag’s face, block-printed in black, are words, an image, a date and a decorative motif. The first words, in a spidery hand, read: ‘Lost By Beulah Dye’. The image of a thimble, embellished with scrolling leaves and flowers, sits beneath on a naively stitched, tobacco-coloured patch. ‘Romney Marsh’ comes next, rendered in a strong cursive script; the ‘y’ of ‘Romney’ is finished with a decorative, fern-like flourish. The date reads: ‘1880’. Either side of it are two tobacco-coloured patches containing the words: ‘She Did’ and ‘Rue it’. Both are hand-stitched. A flora motif underscores the date.
The reverse of the bag is left unprinted; a few original mends add to its beauty. All edges are hand-rolled and hand-stitched by the artist.
The bag is lined in red and black striped Irish linen, and has one large internal pocket. The story of Beulah’s lost thimble - hand-written by the artist on a piece of pale blue shot silk - is hand-sewn into the bag.
A pair of antique leather shoulder straps - repurposed from equestrian tack - is securely stitched to the bag, their trailing ends hanging loose over the block-printed text. Leatherwork was sourced, restored and expertly hand-stitched using waxed linen thread by the wonderful Caroline Strecker @ragofcolts.
Dimensions: Height - 62cm, Length - 54cm 
Artists - Cameron Short & Janet Tristram in collaboration with leatherworker, Caroline Strecker.
The ‘Lost Bags’ - keep your treasures safe.

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