The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV

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The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV
  • The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV
  • The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV
  • The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV
  • The ‘Lost Bags’ | Series II - Bag V of XIV
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This bag, with a front flap, is made from antique hemp and French linen - both circa C19th and extremely robust. In order to develop its beautiful drab colour, the linen textile was dipped many times over in a walnut dye bath.
The front flap has been left plain. Its edge is faced with a rolled, hand-stitched hem - also drab in tone. A pair of antique leather straps, hand-stitched to the flap, create weight, beauty and balance.
The front panel, beneath the flap, is of natural antique hemp. The side panels are from similarly aged herringbone hemp, also natural in colour. Both contrast beautifully with the walnut-dyed front flap and rear panel.
The front panel features a block print in black linseed ink. The image, an C18th talisman, is cleverly and pleasingly recessed in the bag’s lower right hand corner; a circular aperture was cut in the bag’s front before the printed piece was patched in from behind. Rustic baste stitching forms a square ‘frame’ or border, enclosing the circular recessed image.
The image, a coin-like rebus-inspired talisman, has had its surface inscribed. We see the letter ‘F’ beside the image of an ear, then a knotted rope, then the letter ‘M’ beside the image of an eye, then a sun. Thus, it ‘reads’: FEAR NOT MY SON. The dots above the ‘i’ in ‘his’ and the ‘i’ in ‘did’ take the form of teardrops. 
The bag’s side panels are unprinted but feature original patched mends in contrasting, off-white antique linen. Another small, rectangular patch on the inside flap beautifies the piece. All edges are faced with a rolled, hand-stitched hem.
The bag is lined in striped linen, specially commissioned for this project and woven in Wexford, Ireland. Contrasting berry-toned stripes, chosen by us, complement the piece’s natural, drab hue. The bag features two internal, hemp patch pockets for any small, treasured items. The story of Digory’s lost talisman, concocted by Cameron and tapped out on a typewriter, is pinned to the inside of the bag.
The bag has a lovely antique strap - repurposed from equestrian tack - with its original brass buckle. It is adjustable. Leatherwork was sourced, restored and expertly hand-stitched using waxed linen thread by the wonderful @ragofcolts.
Finally, for protection and to give the desired sculptural feel, the bag was gently brushed with traditional rabbit skin glue.
Each ‘Lost Bag’ is unique.
Dimensions - Height: 42cm Length: 48cm Depth: 7cm
Artists - Cameron Short & Janet Tristram in collaboration with Rag of Colts.
The ‘Lost Bags’ - *keep your treasures safe*

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