'Lyme Bay' drum lampshade (small)

Bonfield Block-Printers

'Lyme Bay' drum lampshade (small)
  • £85.00

'Lyme Bay' celebrates the local seascape - sometimes dramatic, sometimes serene but often treacherous. Closely inspect a textile printed with this block, and you will see thousands of individually cut marks which lend it a woven appearance. Like Lyme Bay (or 'Dead Man's Bay' as it used to be called), the design isn't what it seems on the surface. 

A small, block-printed drum lampshade in 'Venetian red' on natural linen. Dimensions - Diameter: 18cm Height: 17cm

If the lampshade is sold out, don't fret! Just email us (workshop@bonfieldblockprinters.com) and we'll make one to order.

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